Welcome to Waseley Hills Sixth Form. With its village setting on the edge of the city, Waseley is unlike other schools  and this uniqueness extends to our Sixth Form.




The Sixth Form has long been the pride of the school, all built upon the students themselves. At Waseley Hills Sixth Form, three things mark out our students’ success:


· An experienced, focused and dedicated pastoral team working on a one-to-one basis with students through from Year 11 to ensure a smooth and successful transition to A-Level study and beyond.

· Academic expertise, specialist knowledge and targeted support delivered in the personal context that few can provide.

· Above all, the opportunity for our students to explore their interests, develop as young leaders and to grow as individuals, all at the heart of a strong and caring community.


The Sixth Form at Waseley Hills is a wonderful environment in which to work and learn and daily I am reminded of the fact that I am fortunate enough to enjoy the most privileged role in the school.


Our Sixth Form community is a close-knit group of young adults. Our students work hard and have a lot of fun whilst doing so. We raise an extraordinary amount for charitable causes and our bright and friendly Sixth Formers are always willing to lend a hand where they can. Our students experience a level of camaraderie and belonging that is not easily put into words, but is evident from having even a thirty second conversation with them.


We hope you enjoy your visit to our Sixth Form and we look forward to working with your son or daughter throughout the various transition events we provide over the coming year. Finally, to the students: I wish you luck in your studies and your choices this year and, although it may seem a long time away, hope to welcome you into Year 12 in 2019.


Mr S. Mitchell
Head of Sixth Form


Our Future

AimHigher+ Ambassador Jamaal O'Driscoll with Head of Sixth Form Mr Mitchell 


The future at Waseley Hills Sixth Form is an exciting one. In the past twelve months, the Sixth Form has developed dramatically. New freedoms have been introduced which delight the students, but parents can be reassured that the same high levels of care and support that have always existed are still firmly in place.


This is an exciting time to be part of this institution, both as a member of staff and as a student. Coinciding with the reformed 9-1 GCSEs, revised entry requirements will ensure that the highest academic standards are being adhered to, whilst the ever-growing enrichment programme, flexible timetabling and individualised programmes of study  provide opportunities for students to explore and develop their own interests - a massive benefit for self-motivated and goal-focused students.


Finally, we are delighted to be continuing our partnership with the AimHigher+ scheme, based at Newman University, which is part of the larger National Collaborative Outreach Programme. This scheme is committed to providing guidance and opportunities to support students considering Higher Education as a long-term plan. In addition to a significant investment of time and resource in our students’ futures,  we will also benefit from the continuing support of our dedicated AimHigher+ ambassador Jamaal O’Driscoll. A graduate with direct links to local universities, Jamaal is ideally placed to guide and support Year 11 students with their Post-16 choices and Sixth Form students with their Post-18 plans.