We made the decision to stay in Sixth Form for lots of reasons.  We already know our teachers and understand their teaching methods and we can confidently ask for help when we need it.  Maybe more importantly, they know us and how we work. Class sizes are smaller, with loads of support from teachers and sixth form staff.  We have the right balance of work with subject lessons, supervised study and some free periods.  We‘re also allowed to scan in and out of school when we are not in lessons giving us a degree of freedom and independence and making us feel more responsible and prepared for life after school.

We have enrichment opportunities such as Peer Mentoring, Prefects, EPQ, Gold Arts Award and of course the chance to become part of the Student Head Team.

There’s a great sense of community and belonging in sixth form and we have a Common Room where we can relax and play music or games. We raise lots of money for charities with competitions and dress up days and there are parties and trips.

Waseley has given us lots of good memories and opportunities.  A Levels are definitely challenging and we do have to work hard but being in Waseley Sixth Form has given us good teaching and support along with fun and a real sense of belonging.


If you make the important decision to join our Sixth Form, we hope you enjoy it as much as we have.
The Student Head Team