Learning Council – Meet every Tuesday at 2pm


Students in Year 8, 10 and 12 lead the Learning Council.  These are students with a wealth of ideas and with a good work ethic that are looking at making learning a positive experience at school. 
We feel it is very important to have the voices of the students heard and that by working in a positive way this council can make a great impact on learning and ultimately success of students at the School. 

Over the year, the Learning Council will look at key aspects which relate to whole school priorities for different groups and work with students to listen to the concerns and ideas to ensure students have the chance to be heard.

This half Term, The Learning Council have been working with Year 7 students, helping them to identify what they enjoy at school, how they work best, and giving practical ideas about how to make learning fun and achieve success

The Learning Council members are Will Geddes, Ellie Harrison, Millie Ford, Jamie Smith, Teigan Graham, Callum Hill, Enam Badawi, Ellie Marriot , Leo Jenkins, Tom Powell, Jenny Darley, Holly Packer,  George Stamps, Robert Swallwell.

Year Councils – Meet with Tutors once per fortnight
Every Tutor group has the opportunity to have their voice heard by having a year representative who meets with Heads of Year on a regular occasion at council meetings. Heads of Year will listen to ideas that students wish to bring and concerns that they wish to share. Aspects such as Year 8 advising Year 7 about how to manage workloads at secondary school and Year 9 and 10 having the opportunity to discuss aspects relating to their social areas, alongside Year 11 planning for their end of year prom all allow students to share thoughts and feelings with staff.

Representatives for this year are:

Year 7

Year 8

Year 9

Year 10

Year 11

Tedros Haile

Brook Shan

Sam Gingell

Jasmine Brown

Will Higgins

Jack Williams

Jess Davies

Louis Griffiths

Alyssa Gallagher

Natasha Wilkes

Annalise Curtis-Warnes

Eloise Middleton

Jack Perry

Jacob Halliday

Molly Maguire

Alisha Backford

Georgia Smith

Niamh Marriott

Ellie May Pritchard

Ben Phillips

Emmie Godsall

Maddie Lambert

Tia Sands

Archie McGeown

Ellie Mason

Eve Adkins

Harriett Hayden

Leo Lovett

Elliot Proctor

Laura May-Dcaccia

Holly Beckford

Ryan Parr

Harry Stone

Marielle Sime

Jack Thomson

Oliver Howarth

Charlotte Booth

Maci Sykes

Evey Teham

Hollie Farren-Burton

Oli Watkiss

Molly-Mae Hadley

Thomas Hinks

Matthew Walker 

Mitchel McGarrity

Tate Thomas

Ashley Keyworth

Sam Gingell


Maya Hassan



School Council – Meet on Thursdays at 1.45.



The School Council is led by Year 13 students, with representatives from each of the year groups who are elected via the Year Councils, and focusses on one key aspect which all of the school can have an involvement in, and this runs throughout the academic year.


This year we are focussing on trying to reduce the use of single use plastic in school, and operate better recycling, and students have identified 3 ways that we plan to do this:


Less Single use plastic water bottles.

Better paper recycling opportunities in classrooms

Better pen recycling opportunities in classrooms.


They will also be meeting with the school food providers, the senior leadership team and subject areas about how we can all make a more positive impact on the environment.


School Council members are Lauren Bent, Ollie Couch, Josh Roberts, Beck Venables, Sarah Crockett, Davina Sandhu, Ava Overthrow, Immie Williams, Aaron Share, Ellie Pritchard, Alyssa Gallagher, Sam Gingell, Leo Lovett, Mya Maconobla, Mae Cheng, Holly Beckford, Alisha Beckford.



Charity Council – Meet on Wednesday lunchtimes


We are very proud of the contribution that we, at Waseley, make towards charity events. Each tutor group elects 2 Charity reps, and this year we have already supported Jeans for Genes, Help for Heroes, Macmillan Cancer Support and Children’s cancer charities, and tutor groups are working on making Christmas hampers for Age UK to give to local residents. We are currently planning a Christmas fayre on the last day of term to raise funds for Birmingham Children’s hospital, and Crisis, the charity for the homeless. We raise substantial funds during the year for Fisher House, which provides custom built accommodation for families of military personnel seriously injured in recent conflicts, who are now in rehabilitation. This enables families to stay together while their loved ones undergo their rehabilitation.


Our School Charity for the year is Birmingham Children’s hospital, as students are passionate about supporting local charities.  Each year group will be doing some charity events throughout the year, co-ordinated by Mrs Nicholson and the representatives from each year group, who are listed below.


Year 7

Year 8

Year 9

Year 10

Year 11

Jenny Holden

Brook Shan

Ellie Ritchie

Caitlin Barry

Mackenzie Moore

Amelia McMannus

Jess Davies

George Swalwell

Josh Dunne

Beth Jones


Mia Lynch

Eloise Middleton

Isabel Thompson

Connor Fagan

Ben Wallace-Vigers

Millie Snelson

Georgia Smith

Morgan Amber Cole

Kai Gabriel

Naomi Parsonsage

Renayah Henry

Maddie Lambert

Ciaran Basra

T-Jay Meredith

Courtney Cheshire

Bethan Wright

Harriett Hayden

Ali Jones

James Smith 

Emily Dearn

Niamh Solomon

Ryan Parr

Kirsty Hay

George Stafford

William Latham

Millie Miles

Charlotte Booth

Jack McMillan

Ben Whittle

Molly Walker

Dylan Phipps

Molly-Mae Hadley

Darrell Mashayamombe

Callum Williams

Tash Harper