At Waseley Hills High School we want to reward our pupils for their hard work.  Unfortunately, sometimes we have to support our pupils in understanding our expectations and our systems do this in a clear and consistent way. 

All pupils receive R (positive points) and L (negative points) which contribute towards their overall ‘Achievement Score’.  Both R and L points are graded on significance from 1(lowest) to 5 (highest). An R1 awards the pupil with 5 positive points, R2 with 10 points up to the maximum of an R5 which is worth 25 positive points.  L1-5 achieves the same point deduction with L1 being worth -5 points up to L5 which results in a deduction of 25 points.

Pupils with the top 10% of points in their year group and an attendance figure above 97% will be invited on our end of year rewards trip.

Parents and Carers can access pupil totals and information of why they have been awarded via the Sims App.


Behaviour Systems 

The school operates a five level behaviour system in lessons.  This gives pupils the opportunity to reflect on their behaviour and modify it before escalation. 

V = pupil is verbally warned by the member of staff that their behaviour is inappropriate
W = failure to respond to the verbal warning by positively modifying their behaviour will result in a written warning on our school system (L1 is recorded)
5 = Five minute stay back at the end of lesson or next social time.
30 -= 30 minute afterschool detention issued.

In extreme cases pupils may be withdraw from lessons where their behaviour is seen as a serious disruption to others learning.  Pupils will work in timeout and have subject specific work to complete.  They are supervised by members of our Behaviour Support Team.


Further details can be found in our school ‘Pupil Discipline and Behaviour Policy’