Setting of work for self-isolating pupils.

Dear Parents,

As a school we are continuing to teach pupils who are attending and attempting to manage the challenge of also continuing to support the learning of pupils who are self-isolating.

In order to do this we have now published two Independent Learning resources via the school website (accessed from a link at the top of the homepage -  These are Key Stage specific and should provide pupils with the opportunity to continue completing learning tasks whilst at home. Please utilise these resources in the first instance before contacting teaching staff.

We also plan to set work via Show My Homework in the coming weeks if required.  In the first instance we are planning to combine uploads of several simple lesson resources within one document to reduce the number of uploads and support pupils in understanding the tasks set.   

We are encouraging staff not to upload large quantities of resources to Show My Homework at this stage as we do not want to cause additional stress and anxiety to our pupils by overwhelming them with vast amounts of confusing documents and resources.  


Many thanks for your ongoing support,

Mr Baker

SLT - Teaching and Learning.