We are pleased to announce some important updates that will enhance communication and simplify payments at our school. 

We are introducing the Edulink App, a secure and user-friendly platform that will allow you to stay connected with your child’s academic progress, attendance, and other important information. This app will replace WeDuc, which will no longer be used at the school. You can download the Edulink App from the App Store or Google Play Store and access it from any device with internet connectivity.

To set up the EduLink app, please follow the instructions which have been emailed to you from EduLink. Further details on how to use EduLink can be found via the EduLink Parent Guide below.

We will also be integrating sQuid payments into EduLink. sQuid is already the school's chosen online payment system that allows parents to pay for school trips, lunches, and other expenses securely and conveniently. As we move away from WeDuc, and to continue using sQuid to make payments, you will need to first re-register for an account. Any existing balances on your child’s account will not be lost and remain in your account during this transition.

To re-register your sQuid account, please follow the instructions which were emailed to you. Further guidance will follow in the coming days to provide instruction on how to integrate your sQuid account with Edulink.
A final reminder that these changes are now implemented, and we encourage parents to follow the instructions as soon as possible to minimise any disruption. We would like to thank all parents for their cooperation with this change. Please contact us on the email address below if you have any technical issues.