Title Initial Surname Teaches/Function
    Mr A.W. Roll Headteacher
    Mr A.M. Boot Deputy Headteacher, DDSL, Teacher of Geography and PE
    Mr N. Baker Assistant Headteacher, Teacher of Geography
    Mr J. Arnold Assistant Headteacher, SENCO, Teacher of PE
    Mr J.P.D. Nelson Assistant Headteacher, Teacher of Science 
    Ms S.  Purewal Assistant Headteacher, Teacher of Mathematics 
    Mrs E. Dodds Associate Assistant Headteacher, DSL, Head of Year 7, Teacher of PE 
    Mrs L. Harris Associate Assistant Headteacher, Head of Geography
    Mr D.L.E. Moore Head of Art, Head of Graphics, BTEC co-ordinator
    Mrs A.P. Foster Teacher of Art, Teacher of Graphics
    Mrs E.L. Sellers Head of Business Studies
    Mr J.M. Dean House System Manager, Teacher of Business Studies
    Mrs  K.M. Teasdale Head of Drama
    Miss  M. Williams Head of English
    Miss  L. Badham Second in English
    Ms J. Horton Teacher of English
    Mrs R. Taylor English Achievement Co-ordinator
    Mr S.D.J. Mitchell Head of Sixth Form, Teacher of English
    Mr M.T.D. Oakley Teacher of English
    Mr M.K. B- Hindmarsh Teacher of Geography, Teacher of PE
    Mrs S.M. Dumycz Head of History
    Mr A. Flaxman Teacher of History
    Mr D. Jones Head of Year 9, Teacher of ICT
    Mrs N. Joshi Head of PSHCE & ASDAN, Head of ICT 
    Mrs A. Kiran Teacher of ICT 
    Mr S. Parsons Head of Mathematics
    Mr D. Desai Numeracy Co-ordinator
    Miss C.R.A. Davies Teacher of Mathematics
    Mr H. Watkins Second in Mathematics 
    Mr P. Phelps Teacher of Mathematics
    Ms C.D. Gibson Head of Modern Foreign Languages
    Mrs C.M.V. Nicholson Head of Year 8, Teacher of Modern Foreign Languages
    Ms H. Wolstencroft Teacher of Music
    Mrs J. Bridgeman Head of Physical Education
    Mr A. Blount Head of Year 10, Teacher of Physical Education
    Mrs K. Balloo Head of Psychology and Sociology
    Miss M.B. Crowther-Green Teacher of Psychology and Sociology
    Miss V. Kaur Teacher of Psychology (Cover for K. Balloo)
    Miss K. Bond Head of Religion, Philosophy and Ethics, Teacher of Sociology 
    Mrs K. Bradley House System Manager, Deputy Head of Year 9, L2L Co-ordinator, Teacher of RPE
    Mrs L. Eades Head of Science, KS4 Science Co-ordinator
    Miss A. Reilly Second in Science, KS3 Science Co-ordinator
    Mrs T.C. Jackson Teacher of Science
    Mr N. Ryde Teacher of Science
    Mrs J.M. Shepherd Teacher of Science
    Mrs A.K. Ineson-Thomas Teacher of Science
    Mrs J.E. Williams Head of Year 11, Teacher of Technology
    Mrs A. Patel-Holtham Teacher of Technology
    Mrs L.N. Wise Main Autism Base Manager, SLCN Co-ordinator
    Mrs M. Castells-Miro Main Autism Base Assistant
    Mrs L. Eccles Main Autism Base Assistant
    Mrs S.K.A. Maguire Assistant Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator
    Mrs L.J. Jack Teaching Assistant, First Aid Co-ordinator
    Mrs M.G. Kennedy Teaching Assistant
    Mrs H. Parkes Teaching Assistant
    Mrs M.F.E. Crowley Teaching Assistant
    Miss C.L. Harris Teaching Assistant
    Miss J. Malley Teaching Assistant
    Mr N.J. Reddell ICT Systems Co-ordinator
    Mr P.T. Metcalf ICT Technician
    Mr K. Parfitt Examinations Officer
    Miss T. Kite Administration and Finance Assistant
    Mrs. J.E. Toyne Heateacher's PA, HR Manager
    Mrs J.  Evans Finance Manager
    Mrs K.T. Kilgallen Finance Administrator
    Mrs S. Clarke Sixth Form Administrator
    Mrs A.J. Nichols Cover Manager
    Mr J.  Hollis Cover Supervisor
    Mrs H.J. Sadler-Kelly Data Administrator
    Ms L. Whitcombe-Troth Attendance and Pastoral Officer
    Mrs S. Amato Librarian and Resources Assistant
    Miss  S. McCarthy Reprographics and Resources Administrator
    Miss M.L. Evans Afternoon Receptionist
    Mrs S. Hasluck Food and Textiles Technician
    Mrs M. McNeill Science Technician
    Mrs T. Lawson Science Technician
    Mrs L.E. Smith Science Technician
    Mrs C. Evitts Modern Foreign Languages Assistant
    Mrs S.J. Duncan Behaviour Support Team Manager
    Miss W. Hanna Behaviour Support Team Assistant
    Mr. L.D. McCaffery Behaviour Support Team Assistant
    Mr N. Evans Site Manager
    Mr D. H. Basham Caretaker
    Mr  A. Clarke Assistant Caretaker
    Mrs L. Bowcott Cleaning Supervisor
    Mrs E. Bluck Cleaning Operative
    Mrs D. Blunt Cleaning Operative
    Mrs S. Cole Cleaning Operative
    Miss  L. Collins Cleaning Operative
    Mrs S.A.  Day Cleaning Operative
    Mrs S. Fletcher Cleaning Operative
    Miss M.A. Gabriel Cleaning Operative
    Mrs G. Lancett Cleaning Operative
    Miss J.M. Sanders Cleaning Operative
    Mrs D.L. Lewis Cleaning Operative
    Mrs M.T.D. Cooper Lunchtime Supervisor