Achievement Cycle 2 Overview

  English Maths Science History Geography

Shakespeare and the Power of Rhetoric

Focus text: Romeo and Juliet
Conventions of Tragedy

by Malala Yousafza

Area and Perimeter


Directed number

HCF, LCM and primes

The Universe


Current and cost of electricity


Anglos-Saxons and the Normans: AS civilisation (St Hadrian, the African Abbot of Canterbury); Claimants to the throne 1066; Hastings; Norman Life (Ipswich Man); role of religion

Medieval Life:Towns and cities; importance of religion; Black Death; Thomas Becket (source analysis)

China: A global superpower What is China like?
How has China developed?
What is living in Shenzen like?
How do earthquakes affect China?
What is geopolitics?
What is China doing in the South China

The Influence of Context and Expressing Viewpoints

Focus text: Protest and Slam Poetry
Writing to argue and expressing a clear, cohesive and compelling line of argument.


Standard index form


Unit conversions and estimation

Metals and non-metals

Work and energy transfer


Separating mixtures

Empire and Enslavement: Origins of the British Empire; African civilisations (the cradle of humankind); enslavement, triangular trade and plantation life; abolition of slavery.

Industrial Revolution: What was the IR? What was its impact? ; inventions; child labour; living conditions.

Extreme Weather:
How does weather and climate differ?
How does air pressure affect climate?
How does it rain in the UK?
What is a tropical storm?
Cyclone Idai
How do microclimates change around the school?



Focus text: King Lear

Conventions of tragedy, characterisation and thematic concepts.


Rotation and translation



Chemical reactions


Ancient Societies: Egyptian, Greek, Roman Medicine; Comparative study and interpretations; Islamic and Christian Medicine.

Migration: Who are the British?; Empire and Migration; Tudor and Medieval and Industrial Migration; experiences of Migrants across time; 20th Migration – Windrush and EU. Were/ Are migrants always welcome?

Explosive Earth
How do tectonic plates move around?
What are different volcanoes like?
What hazards emerge from volcanoes?
How can we manage volcanic eruptions?
What are hotspot volcanoes?
What is a supervolcano?
10 Literature: Changing Society: An Inspector Calls
Power and Conflict Poetry:
My Last Duchess
Checking out Me History
Language: Changing Society – AQA Language Paper 2 -Reading and interpretation. Pow

Quadratics (including formula and iterations)

Simultaneous equations

Probability Percentage of an amount (multipliers)

Ratio and proportion

P2 Electricity

B2 Organisation

C2 Bonding, structure and properties of matter

C3 Quantitative chemistry

Opportunity and Inequality in America, 1920 – 1973: Post war American society and economy; Civil Rights of the 1950s and 1960s; America and the New Frontier and the Great Society

Conflict and Tension in Asia: Conflict in Korea, 1950-53; Causes, development and end of the Korean War

The Living World
Ecosystems, food chains and webs.
The tropical rainforest biome.
Deforestation in Malaysia.
The hot desert biome.
Opportunities and challenges in the Thar desert.
Desertification and strategies to reduce desertification.

Literature: Revision of An Inspector Calls
Revision of Ozymandias
My Last Duchess
Checking out Me History
The Emigree, Tissue Unseen Poetry

Language: Language Pape 2 Consolidation of skills

Focussed revision based on mock outcomes Focussed revision based on mock outcomes The Normans, c1060 – 1100: The Norman Church and Monasticism; Historic Environment – Yorkshire and the North Revision and Exam Preparation Year 11 are following a bespoke programme of intervention in preparation for their exams.


Curriculum Rationale