Our vision for Business Studies


In the business studies department, we strive to ensure the very best experience for all our students.  We aim for excellence from both teachers and students. Expert knowledge underpins all teaching and curriculum content in Business Studies and is at the heart of every lesson. 


We work hard to ensure that students experience and learn about the modern business environment reflecting on business activity on a local, national and global stage.  Students gain a clear understanding of the how a variety of different businesses operate and experience real business operations through the exploration of case studies, business visits, virtual tours and guest speakers.  


The content of our Curriculum for Business

The key rationale behind our ambitious curriculum is to develop EXPERT knowledge within our students that reflects core business theory and its practical application in the commercial platform.



This is fundamental and underpins everything we do. Content reflects the GCSE and A level specification with a clear focus on the core knowledge and understanding required by students. 

Main areas of content are:

  • Business Activity
  • Business Operations
  • Finance
  • Marketing Human Resources
  • Influences on Business

Content is constantly refreshed and updated to incorporate latest real-life examples to ensure that students develop their application of the key theories in the ever changing and dynamic business environment.

We want students to become EXPERT and ensure that students can achieve this by using expert keywords, challenging previously acceptable levels of learning and use these in the oracy part of the lessons and in their written communications. 



Students need to develop as learners to draw on and further develop expert knowledge and the “ASE” part of the student entitlement supports pupil development through:


Attributes: our business curriculum challenges pupils to develop resilience to maintain their enthusiasm and ethos for challenging lessons and to explore alternative perspectives rather than just accepting a singular viewpoint. That students can become risk tolerant learners, prepared to take on the challenges and become reflective in their learning. 


Skills: curriculum structure is supported by lessons which are varied and that give the opportunity for students to consider viewpoints from different stakeholder groups, develop informed judgments and to be able to justify these judgments using sound business theory.


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