The Art and Design Curriculum offer intends to promote the Knowledge, Skills, Attributes and Experiences we seek to develop in our pupils (KASE)​

  • The Curriculum will build practicaltheoretical and disciplinary knowledge through extended thematic projects.​

  • Components of knowledge and skills are sequenced and build towards more complex, informed and personal end points.​

  • Pupils are to become proficient at drawing, painting, sculpture and other Art, Craft and Design methods, processes and techniques, through practice.​

  • Pupils will make creative work which explores, records, reflects on ideas in their own lives and the lives of others.​

  • Pupils will learn and know about a range of artists, craft makers and designers, understanding historical and cultural development of their art forms.​

  • Pupils will evaluate and analyse their own and others creative works using the language of Art and Design​

  • Through the Curriculum pupils will learn the relevance of Art, Craft and Design in our modern culture, raising awareness of career choices and be encouraged in a life long love of the subject.​


  • Formative assessment revolves around dialogue between teachers and pupils during lessons.​

  • A baseline project in Year 7 AC1 assesses where pupils are at for each year on entry to provide an accurate assessment point from which to measure progress.​

  • Assessment identifies if pupils have acquired the component knowledge via the pupils’ annotated notes, DKOs, portfolios of practical work in booklets/ folders, observations of pupils and explanations from pupils.​

  • Summative assessment gauges how well the pupils have remembered, and put into practice, the knowledge  learned and retained during the curriculum journey- through lesson Do Nows, key tasks and end of project holistic assessment​

      (Evolving, Developing, Secure, Mastering in Age Related Expectation)​


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