Waseley Hills Virtual Sports Day

You have 2 weeks from 29th June to get involved in as many “community and home” events as you can. There are 10 in total which you can take part in throughout the week in your own time. The deadline for entries in 3pm on Friday 10th July.

Please submit your entries to:

· Mr Blatherwick for year 7

· Mrs Bridgman Year 8

· Miss Harley Year 9

· Mr Blount Year 10

Please enter your results via SMHK as the example below.

1. Name (Full)

2. House:

3. Event:

4. Results……….. (plus video/photo upload)

Upload as soon as you have completed them, do not wait until you have done all of them or until the final day please.

To take part in Sports day you will need:

· A good sense of humour

· A competitive spirit

· A towel, Stop watch/timer

· An egg (NOT hard boiled)

· Football/ball

How will it work?

· All the challenges are posted below with written instructions of how to complete any which aren’t self-explanatory have the video/link.

· Once you have completed the task you will be required to submit your result: Year group, event, full name and house. We will also require video/ photo evidence to support your results so don’t forget to submit these too.

Community Events

1) Long Distance: The Marathon

You have 60 minutes to travel as far as you. This could be walking, running, jogging, skipping, scooter or bike. You will need to record your distance on a tracking app e.g. Strava, Map my run apps are free for smart phones/tablets and submit a photo of your distance. If your house team can travel the distance of a full Marathon collectively then there will be an extra 10 bonus points up for grabs. This is a House event as well as individual. The 60 minutes must be completed consecutively and you can only put 1 entry forward per person.


2) Middle distance: 1 mile

You to travel as fast as you can on foot for 1 mile. This could be walking, running, jogging or skipping. You will need to record your distance on a tracking app e.g. Strava, map my run and submit a photo of your distance, time and state mode of transport.


3) Sprint Event: Speed bounce

You will need to lie a towel out in a long thin position on the ground. Start on the left of the towel and you need to jump from side to side as many times as you can within 20 seconds and record how many jumps you complete. If you touch the towel take those off your total.


Home Events

4) Egg Throw

You will need a family member to help with this. You must stand 3 metres apart and throw and catch the egg as many times as you can between each other in 30 seconds (or until the egg breaks). This egg should NOT be hard boiled.


5) Keepie uppies

The aim is to complete as many keepie uppies as you can in 30 seconds. If you miss and the ball bounces, you must carry on. It is the number you complete in total within the 30 seconds. Make sure your ball is pumped up, mine was half flat.


6) No Fly Zone.

Create a paper aeroplane of any design with one sheet of A4 paper. You have to launch the plane and see how far it flies. Measure and record your results by video.


7) Quarantine 14

This is your opportunity to show pure determination and strength. Record how fast you can do 14 Burpees. You will be judged on timing and exercise quality.


8) Standing Long Jump

You will need access to a tape measure, timer and a bit of space. Standing and jumping forwards, when landing do not step backwards. Record your distance.


9) Tic toc, tic toc

You will need access to Tic toc or be able to put music over a video for this event. It is a simple as it sounds, you have to complete a tic toc dance (could be Shine a light or any other song of your choice). You will be judged on timing, choreography and creativity.

10) Future Fun

This is your opportunity to design your own sports day activity. This can be any event you like (old or new) but must be something that anyone can do, so please think about the space people may have available and the equipment that people have in their homes. Each entry will receive points for imagination and the winner will be chosen by level of innovation.


This will form our entries to the Sports Personality of the Year Award. We would like to hear from you about your personal sporting achievements within this last year. This could be within school or outside of school. Please send us a short video, written explanation of what you have achieved, to what level in which sport. Photo evidence of you competing or with awards/trophies would be great to accompany this please. You could prepare a sponsorship background like the footballers have on match of the day.

Scoring: Each entry is worth 5 points.

Then there will be 1st, 2nd and 3rd place per house. Each worth an additional 30, 20 or 10 points.


Teachers are getting involved as well.

Any HOUSE who manages to get teachers in their house entered into at least one competition per area

(1 community and 1 home event) per person will get an extra 20 points.


Every year group who manages to get their head of year to complete 5 of the 10 events gets an extra 100 points