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Dear Parents,

As a school we are continuing to teach pupils who are attending and attempting to manage the challenge of also continuing to support the learning of pupils who are self-isolating.

In order to do this we have now published two Independent Learning resources which contain a wide range of activities for pupils and young people in our community.

Coronavirus Mixed Subject Task Sheet

Home Teaching Support and Help Documents

Below are independent learning plans for specific subjects.  This list will continue to grow as more resources are produced:

Independent Learning Plans 

Tasks by Year group are listed below (please note some tasks are set for KS3 - YRs 7/8 or KS4 - YRs 9/10/11).

You can attempt each task as an individual lesson and mix up subjects or take a day to focus on one subject at a time.

If tasks refer to the VLE go to:

Some subjects are also setting work via Show My Homework and Usernames/Passwords have been reissued:

If the task suggests you access work on the school drives then this can be done by clicking: HomeAccess+ and logging in with your school username and password.

Accelerated reader: Read a book and want to complete the quiz? Click here

** Subject staff will also be setting work via Show My Homework particularly for KS4 and 5 pupils.

Independent Learning Plans Year 7 and 8 (scroll down for KS4)

Key stage 4 Independent Learning Years 9, 10 and 11